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     Sambalpuri dress design is a traditional handwoven dress. It’s very attractive and best for those who love traditional wear. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors make the dress popular even in today’s modern day. So, if you are from Odisha or looking for any other state, consider getting yourself a Sambalpuri dress.

sambalpuri dress design

Read the article to know the types of dresses available in Sambalpuri design. Let’s begin! 

Sambalpuri Design: An Overview 

Sambalpuri is a handwoven dress. It carries some elements of tradition and some elements of Odisha’s rich culture. The intricate patterns, vivid hues, and vibrant colors make Sambalpuri designs unique. 

salwar sambalpuri dress design

Types of Sambalpuri Saree Designs 

  1. Bichitrapuri Sambalpuri Silk Saree 

This is a classic saree design best for marriage functions or traditional occasions. Bichitrapuri Sambalpuri Silk Sarees are made from silk threads. It has vibrant colors and natural dyes. You get the border in silver/black/red while the entire saree length is in dark colors. 


  1. Sambalpuri Ikat Saree

The term Ikat means “tie-and-dye” procedure. Get this classic handwoven bandha saree with wrap and weft threads. The intricate patterns on the fabric make it a popular choice for those who love artistic fashion in their outfit(s).

kurti sambalpuri dress design

  1. Subh Vivah Design Sambalpuri Cotton Saree

If you are looking for a perfect outfit for a special occasion like puja/marriage/party, this Sambalpuri design is the best. Subh Vivah’s designed cotton saree comes in deep coffee. The saree has Subh Vivan written in the Oriya language. You will love the border that’s available in deep colors, like maroon.

anarkali sambalpuri dress design

Other Sambalpuri Dress Designs 

Sambalpuri dress designs are not available just in sarees. Other traditional outfits carry the beauty of Sambalpuri’s handwoven artistry. 


Some of the top Sambalpuri dress designs are as follows – 

  • Wedding Sambalpuri Pasapali 
  • Sambalpuri Salwar Suit
  • Cotton Anokhi Wedding Sambalpuri Pasapali 
  • Sambalpuri Pochampally Dress
  • Sambalpuri Kurti

What makes Sambalpuri Dress Designs Unique?

Handwoven Art

Every single Sambalpuri dress is made by skilled artists. They hand-weave the detailed patterns and designs. This adds a personal touch to the entire dress. 

Ikat Weaving Technique

The ikat weaving technique is what makes Sambalpuri unique. This is a resist-dyeing technique. Each thread or yarn is tied with either wax or plastic. Finally, the yarn is immersed in the dye. 

Knotty Patterns

Sambalpuri designs are made of intricate or elaborate patterns. This pattern showcases Odisha’s cultural heritage. The motifs that make up the saree/lehenga etc. are visually marvelous. It’s because of the weaving process that’s detailed and ornate. 

Blend of Tradition and Elegance

The intricate motifs like flowers, animals, and geometrical shapes on the Sambalpuri dresses make it beautiful. It is these elements that give the design a traditional as well as elegant look. One can wear a Sambalpuri dress for both festive occasions as well as formal events. 

Vibrant Colors 

Most of the Sambalpuri dress designs use vibrant and bold colors. This makes the design captivating and visually appealing. Natural dyes, often extracted from plants and minerals, give the dress a lively appearance. 

Timeless Appeal 

Though the Sambalpuri dress is as old as the 1980s. But, until today, this dress design is timeless. The combination of classic aesthetics and contemporary styles offers Sambalpuri dress a classic and ageless appeal. 

Comfortable Fabric

Sambalpuri dress design is not just aesthetic, but also comfortable. If you pick up a cotton dress or a silk Sambalpuri saree, comfort is guaranteed. Also, the use of quality fabrics offers you a good feel. 


In conclusion, the Sambalpuri dress design is a perfect outfit for traditional lovers. So, get something interesting into your wardrobe! Let the cultural richness reflect while you carry traditional attire!